Pregnant with Style...It’s Possible!

As you start to look and feel more preggers, the will to wear anything but stretchy pants gets seriously tested. My problem was that I tried too hard to stick with the clothes I wore pre-babes and the fact is that none of it fit right or looked good and I was so uncomfortable. Buying maternity clothes was a sign of defeat for me- like I was turning into a little old lady with a moo moo and curlers in my hair - but there are so many great maternity options these days specifically designed for today’s style.

Pinterest and Instagram are great places to find style inspiration, and with so many retailers designing maternity wear, you don’t need to break the bank with clothes you’ll wear for a short period of time.

Remember - you will only be pregnant a few times in your life, so don’t be afraid to buy clothes that make you feel really good. Confidence is so important for your self-esteem throughout your entire pregnancy and it’s a good feeling to walk out of the door feeling great about yourself.

The Basics

Starting out with the basics then layering blouses, scarves, jackets or jewelry will definitely give you plenty of options to get through the next 10 months! Here are the basics I love:

  1. Maternity jeans - they’re glorious just find the right fit for you. With full panel, demi panel, and side panels being the most common, try on a few different styles to find what is best for you.
  2. Soft, stretchy tank tops - you will find yourself wearing a tank top with a lot of your outfits. They are easy to layer and oh so comfortable. Be sure to look for tops that will expand with your belly - these typically have some type of rouging on the side. My favorites were actually from Old Navy Maternity, so I didn’t feel bad about splurging for every color and design.
  3. Comfy leggings - the greatest part about a nice pair of black leggings is that you can dress them up or dress them down based on how you feel.
  4. Supportive bras - Just sayin’...things get bigger than you could ever imagine. Invest in a good, supportive bra that you feel good in. Mom Tip: don’t feel the need to buy a “maternity” bra before the baby is born - there is no need for nursing straps and they weren’t as supportive.  
  5. Good pair of shoes - your feet will likely grow and swell at different points in your pregnancy so invest in a pair of shoes that are comfortable to walk in. At 6 months pregnant, I’m currently living in Tom’s.

Where to buy clothes

  1. H&M Maternity, Old Navy and Gap: Great for the wardrobe essentials - basic tees, jeans and fun tanks.
  2. Ingrid & Isabel: Best known for their BellaBand, they have amazingly soft leggings.
  3. PinkBlush Maternity: Girly, flirty and fun maternity clothes.
  4. ASOS US: Channel your inner fashionista...looks super cute while you’re super preggo.
  5. Destination Maternity: Perfect for the basics, maternity essentials like bras, pajamas and support gear. Keep an eye out for their sales.

Fashion Inspiration

Here’s a little inspiration from our fave stylish mamas!

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