Our Favorite Parenting Apps

Every parent needs a little help from time-to-time and thankfully, folks are getting pretty creative with the apps they are developing for us parents. I'm a total victim of baby brain right now, so I love that there are so many really cool apps available that not only help with daily baby life but also fun stuff like photo sharing and travel planning. 

Here are a few of our favorites.


Managing Daily Life

Baby Connect (Available on iOS - $4.99 | Android - $5.21) This app is great for your everyday parenting and caretaker use. It's touted as the most comprehensive baby tracking app on the market. Highlights include: 

  • Daily information tracker: keep tabs on everything going on your babies by the minute including feedings, diaper changes, pumping sessions, sleep, mood, activities, medicines and milestones.

  • Monitor growth: graph, chart, list, and even share your data via social channels and email, so you and your caretakers can monitor development.

  • Authorize and specify users for each child: parents, family, daycare staff, and babysitters can be assigned to each child. Entries are immediately securely synchronized on each user account.

  • In-app messaging: parents and child care staff can easily exchange messages via the application

Milestone Tracking

Today's Parent My Family (Available on iOS - FREE  | Android - FREE) Enter your due date and get a personalize guide to your child's age, stage and development. Whether you’re pregnant, a new parent to a baby, or an experienced mom or dad, this app provides daily tips, recipes, developmental advice and health information you need to raise a happy, healthy family. Highlights include: 

  • Personalized content based on the due date or the age of your child. You can easily track multiple children.
  • Gorgeous Storybooks for collecting those amazing family moments using your pictures and videos. You can also add quotes and photo captions. Then share your digital scrapbook with family and friends.
  • Trackers that help you record your baby’s naps and record breastfeeding and bottle feedings.
  • A potty training tool that makes toilet training fun and rewarding for toddlers and preschoolers.
  • The Baby Namer tool to help you find just the right baby name.
  • How-to videos on recipes, crafts, baby care and more.
  • Our social media feeds, all integrated into your personalized stream.

Health Questions

WebMD Baby (Available on iOS - FREE | Android - FREE) Sometimes it's too easy to rely on the almighty Google for our health questions, but it's better to get your information from a trusted resource like WebMD. Their baby app provides content specific to kiddos and has an extensive library of medically-approved content to help keep you sane when it comes to your baby's health.  Highlights include: 

  • An extensive library of medically-approved content including 400 articles, 598 tips, and 70 videos:
    • Baby & Toddler Care 
    • Illness & Emergencies
    • Just for Moms
    • Just for Dads
    • Parenting Tips 
    • Baby Week by Week
    • Ask the Pediatrician 
    • Milestones 
    • Vaccines 
    • Baby Doctor Visits

Photo Storing and Sharing

Hell'o Baby (Available on iOS - FREE | Android - FREENot only do we really like the name ;) but we love the fact that you can keep track of photos, videos and more in this interactive album. I've taken thousands of photos of my little guy with every intention of creating a book of some sort but just haven't had the time. This app helps bring that to life. Highlights include: 

  • Cross-platform baby scrapbook album: add baby photos, videos, audio or funny notes while maintaining the original resolution. Photo filters and stickers can be changed or removed even after saving.
  • Share album: invite your relatives and friends and make content together. All content is absolutely private. Share selected moments with your friends. Your entire album will stay private for family.
  • Track key moments: never miss any details with key moments: first word, first step, first tooth, first bathing and more.
  • Extended services: 
    • Measurements. Add baby weight and length and track them on graphs.
    • Stickers. More than 400 beautiful dynamic stickers for baby photos will make them even better.
    • Daily snapshot. Create a 2-second video every day and get a short movie showing your baby's growth.
    • Printed albums. Get personal printed story based on events of your baby. 
    • Postcards. Collect & enjoy beautiful interactive postcards from Hell’o Baby.
    • Video stories (soon). Keep collecting moments and get amazing personalized video story every year.


Baby Pack & Go (Available on iOS - $0.99Whether you're running out of the house for a playdate or traveling long distances with your baby, this app provides a simple solution to make sure you pack and take with you everything your baby or toddler needs. As an organization nut, I love how you can keep track of lists and get reminders. Highlights include: 

  • Extensive packing travel checklist and automated tasks reminder system tailored specifically for parents and caregivers.
  • Designed for ease of use so you can quickly and easily use this "To Do" tool when navigating your busy family life.
  • Start managing your trips instantly by using Baby Pack & Go ready-made packing lists, or you can customize and personalize your own lists by adding photos, sounds or background colors. You will find an extensive catalog of baby and toddler related items to add to your list. Additionally, if an item does not exist in their catalog, you can customize your lists further by adding new item names. 
  • You can also share lists between iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices and email packing lists to other family members.

White Noise

Sound Sleeper (Available on iOS - FREE | Android - FREE) I've sworn by this app since the day we brought Parker home. I love how they have a variety of sounds - he used to love the "Sounds of the Market" tune until he switched over full-time to "Car Ride." Highlights include: 

  • Three-in-one sleep solution that grows with your baby from birth to the toddler years. 
  • Three operation modes include Play Mode (a variety of high-quality sounds that you can choose from), Listen Mode (your baby’s cry turns on the app automatically to soothe her at night) and Sleep Tracking Mode (automatically generated color-coded sleep graphs help you analyze your baby’s sleep patterns)
  • Personalized recordings of your own soothing sounds to play for your baby, using all the above modes.

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